You can make Windows Safer

Birds will strike a window for various reasons.  They hit the window mostly when they are panicked or during territorial chases.  Occasionally, a bird will not recognize a window and mistake the reflection of sky or yard for safe passage.  Birds that collide with glass while in free-flight are rarely just "stunned", even if they are able to fly away after a period of recovery.  Most suffer internal injuries and perish.  The best cure is to make your windows bird-safe.


Make Windows Safer for Birds; Help Prevent Window Strikes

You can make your windows safer with one or more of the following steps:

  • Place bird feeding stations within three feet (1 meter) of the window or beyond ten feet (3 meters).
  • Set up a window feeder.  It will help increase the birds' awareness of the window and provide you close views of them feeding.
  • Window screens are a great solution.  If your windows don't have screens, there are some netting options you can purchase to install over your windows to keep birds from injuring themselves.
  • Try films or other window applications that create contrast.  Research indicates the key to effectiveness is having them close together
  • Hanging vertical exterior strips across the window at 4 inch (10 cm) intervals can be a good deterrent; especially if they are a reflective mylar ribbon 

The windows in our homes and offices can be hazardous for birds. Birds cannot readily distinguish the presence of a pane of transparent glass from an unobstructed space or passageway and often fly into window panes causing injury or death.

Applying a deterrent to your windows helps alarm birds to their presence and gives them a chance to take action before any harm is done.

Stop in the store and let us show you how you can make windows safe for birds.

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