10 Top Gift Ideas

1. WBU Eliminator 

Protect your bird seed from the squirrels with our WBU Eliminator Squirrel Proof Feeder. When the squirrel touches the perching ring, its weight closes the feeding ports. The Eliminator technology allows you to adjust the weight sensitivity level, so you can exclude any of the black birds too. The perching ring allows the cardinal to eat at a more comfortable position. It is easy to hang and has a large seed capacity. This feeder also has a great ventilation system to keep your seed fresher. Tools are not needed to disassemble the feeder for cleaning. The best part about this feeder - It comes with a lifetime guarantee. April 2021, currently available in grey or green.

The Eliminator can also be accessorized too.  The weather guard can be added to keep the seed in the ports from getting wet in snowy or rainy weather conditions, it also helps keep your birds dry too. If you prefer to mount your feeder on our Advanced Pole System, you can do that too.  The pole adapter is sold separately.





2. Oriole Feeder

Give the gift of nature and welcome Orioles.  Oriole feeder with clear roof so birds can find the food easily. 2 pegs for oranges, 2 removable cups for jelly.






3. Binoculars

We stock a variety of Vortex Binoculars. Our most popular is the 8 x 42 Diamondback and the 8 x 42 Crossfire is a close second, however others to choose from and we can also order scopes, etc. for delivery within a few business days. Stop by the store and our staff will help you buy the right pair for you.                                                                                                                               




4. Advanced Pole System (APS)

The Basic Setup is the first step for the ultimate bird feeding station. In this box set you will find everything you need to get you started. Included is the 4 foot base pole, 4 foot extension pole, a double crook arm, the stabilizer, and a chickadee finial for the top. The options are endless from here, you can add onto this system and create your own backyard feeding station to meet your specific needs. Choose from, mealworm dishes, extra arms, trays, perching branches, fruit branches for the spring migration birds and so much more!










5. Nesting/Roosting Boxes - Proudly Made in Kitchener

These boxes provide a cozy spot where birds can huddle together to stay warm during the depths of a winter storm or freezing temperatures. Don't forget, you can turn your Roosting Box into a bird house in the spring.  







6. WBU Gift Cards

Can't decide on that perfect gift for the nature lover that has everything. Our WBU Gift Cards make the best choice for any occasion. They can be purchased online and in-store and may be used at any of the over 350 Wild Birds Unlimited stores in North America.  Perfect for the nature enthusiast









7. Bee By The Sea Skin Care, made in Ontario 

This natural skincare line is specially formulated with Sea Buckthorn Fruit and seed oils in combination with unpasteurized honey. If you suffer from dry cracked skin, eczema, scars, or sunburns - This is a must try for you, it has amazing healing properties. It also makes a great daily moisturizer. We also have lip balms, body cream, face wash, body butter, body oil, face oil, shampoo & conditioner. Only available in-store or by calling the store.






8. Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph Hiking Hikes

Local best-selling author Nicola Ross, has added this book, Waterloo, Wellington Guel[h Hikes to her "Loops & Lattes Hiking Guides, now 5 in total.  Our store also carries both the Halton and Hamilton Guides as well.  Great information to select your hike, including degree of difficulty, length in km, highlights and if applicable places to eat and drink, lattes of course!  Great photos of sites you will see.                                                                                                   



9. Window Feeders

Window feeders are a great way to view your birds up close and personal.  Enjoy your morning coffee and watch who comes to have breakfast.

Always a favourite                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




10. Wildlife themed Mugs 

Our wildlife themed mugs have been popular gifts since the day we opened our doors. The detailed depictions and weight of the mug are great for the nature/coffee/tea-lovers in your life.